Destiny 2 Season Challenge Week 3 (Splicer Season)

Destiny 2: Splicer’s 3rd Week Season Season Challenge arrived on May 25th. This guide will show you how to complete them all.

Some Season 14 Weekly Challenges are more complex than others. For advice on the fastest way to complete these seasonal challenges, especially Expedited Expunge: Labyrinth, The Tangled Web We Weave, Ultimate Champion in Season 14 before it expires on August 24, please see below. please confirm.


Challenge: Talk to the Splicer Serbiter, complete Splicer 3’s pass, and defeat powerful scones anywhere in the system. The progress of the Scorn bonus that was defeated by the override.

Complete weekly quests, including the new Expunge Weekly Quest. Then play Override until you’ve defeated a powerful enough Scorn.

Rapid erasure: Labyrinth

Challenge: Complete erase: Maze within 10 minutes.

This challenge requires a little attention. You really need to book it through the quest and don’t die to finish it in 10 minutes. Equipped with a good boss weapon like anarchy, go as fast as you can. You can make this a bit easier by upgrading the splicer gauntlet to get a new hack.

Eliksni Ally 1

Challenge: Build your reputation with HELM’s Splicer Serbiter. 10 in total.

To upgrade Splicer Servitor, you need to get the decrypted data. Run the override until you complete the challenge or get enough data to upgrade Servitor 10 times.

Pulse rifle splicer

Challenge: Override or erase to defeat combatants with a pulse rifle. You can get a bonus progress with a precise final blow.

Complete this challenge with a pulse rifle while performing overrides for other challenges.

Tangled web we weave

Challenge: Earn progress by completing rewards, patrols, public events, and lost sectors on the tangled coast. A total of 10 bounties.

Land on the tangled and grab as many prizes as you can hold. All you have to do is complete the activities around the tangled coast until you finish the challenge. You only receive 4 spider bounties each day, so you’ll have to come back over a few days to do this.

Challenger apogee

Challenge: Earn powerful rewards and prime engrams to reach power level 1310.

Depending on how much you play, you may already have this challenge. Simply complete your weekly goal listing strong rewards or Pinnacle rewards until you’re fully leveled up.

Long-distance calibration

Challenge: Adjust long range weapons (pulse rifles, bows, trace rifles) on tangled beaches. Bonus progress in the lost sector.

Just like the pulse rifle splicer, you can just bring the pulse rifle to the tangled shore override and you’ll end up with this. You can add a trace rifle to your loadout to make this even faster.

Primitive aides

Challenge: Defeat at Gambit. You can get bonus progress by defeating tougher combatants.

Shooting will only be visible on Gambit at the end of the match. Simply complete the Gambit match and you’ll be able to focus on defeating Primeval and his allies to complete this challenge.

Prosperity of power

Challenge: Defeat the Mayhem Playlist Guardian with Super Abilities. 50 in total.

Jump to Mayhem playlists and use Super as often as you can to get kills. The supermarket will be back soon in Mayhem, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Ultimate champion

Challenge: Defeat the champion with a nightfall strike that is higher than the hero’s difficulty level. Earn bonus progress in difficult tiers.

This requires a lot of nightfalls. The harder the nightfall, the more progress you can make. If you’re planning a Grandmaster Nightfall this season, just wait for it and you’ll be able to finish it pretty quickly.

Reward the Big Bright Dust Pile If you want to complete the Master of All Challenges by August 24th, be sure to complete all of these and the rest of the Season Challenges.