Destiny 2 Season Challenge Week 4 (Splicer Season)

Fate 2: Splicers Week Season 4 Season Challenge arrived on June 1st. This guide will show you how to complete them all.

Some of the Season 14 Weekly Challenges are more complex than others. Check out the instructions below for the fastest way to complete a Season Challenge (especially the Draconian Protocol, Precision Adjustments, and Vanguard Selected in Season 14) before it expires on August 24th.


Challenge: Talk to the Splicer Servicer, complete the Pass of the Splicer 4, and defeat the champion anywhere in the system. Bonus on the progress of champions defeated by overriding or erasing.

All you need to do here is complete the weekly quest and defeat the champion. After some overrides, you can complete this quest naturally or get rid of some champions in a glass vault or nightfall.

Draconian protocol

Challenge: Override to defeat the Wyvern boss and defeat the mighty Bex somewhere in the star system. Beck’s bonus progression defeated by overriding or erasing.

This quest is timing based and this is the only caveat. For Europa, which occurs only once every three weeks, you need to complete the override. After defeating the boss with Europa, you need to defeat the powerful Bex. After doing one override and erase, I was able to get about 50%.

Ether splicer

Challenge: Play strikes, gambits, crucibles, public events and more to collect ether.

This quest does not give you the exact amount of ether. Simply play Destiny 2 in a variety of ways and you’ll end up choosing this.

Fusion rifle splicer

Challenge: Override or erase to defeat combatants with a fusion rifle. Get the bonus progress by defeating them quickly.

All you need to do here is wear a fusion rifle and go to town. Unlike the previous week, this quest goes very quickly.

Tinker’s Trials

Challenge: Unlock the artifact mod. 12 in total.

All you need to do here is get enough XP to unlock the 12 mods of the artifact. We do this naturally during the season, but you can speed it up with bounties and challenges.

Contenders Delv

Challenge: Clear the lost sector with Legend or above.

You can complete this challenge while looking for new exotics. To complete this challenge, simply complete the Legend or Master Lost Sector, which is rotated daily.

Precision calibration

Challenge: Adjust shooting weapons such as Scout rifles, sniper rifles, and linear fusion rifles by landing a precision final blow. Bonus progression for Guardians.

As with any calibration challenge, wear one or two of the above weapons and use them until you complete the challenge. The quest is crucible and progresses faster, but only if you are doing well will you follow that route.

High value hunter

Challenge: Defeat powerful combatants with Gambit. Defeat high-value targets to earn bonus progress.

As with most Gambit Challenges, you need to play Gambit. However, it requires powerful enemy kills, so if you want to get bonus progress, just look for a valuable target spawn message.

Momentum crash

Challenge: Defeat the Guardian with Momentum Control. Earn bonus progress with Zone Advantage.

This challenge requires you to participate in Momentum Control. Momentum control is only available once every few weeks. If you want to complete this challenge, be sure to play this game mode when you are finished.

Vanguard Chosen One

Challenge: Complete a Nightfall Strike on Hero or higher difficulty.

This requires completing 3 nightfalls and can be performed on any difficulty level above the hero. If you’re planning a Grandmaster Nightfall this season, just wait for it. Otherwise, jump to the three simple heroes Nightfall to complete this challenge. The best part of this challenge is to be awarded a Nightfall weapon upon completion.

If you want to complete the Master of All Challenges by August 24th, be sure to complete all of these and the rest of the Season Challenges.