Destiny 2 Season Challenge Week 5 (Splicer Season)

Destiny 2: Season Splicers Week 5 Season Challenge arrived on June 8th. This guide will show you how to complete them all.

Some of the Season 14 Weekly Challenges are more complex than others. Check out the instructions below for the fastest way to complete these Season Challenges, especially Season 14, Expedition Expunge: Tartarus, Serenity of the Void, and The Undying, before they expire on August 24th. Please give me.

Change your perspective

Challenge: Talk to the Splicer Serbiter, complete the Pass of the Splicer 5, and defeat a powerful hive somewhere in the star system. The bonus progress of the hive defeated by overriding.

Complete weekly quests as usual this week to defeat the hive swarm.

Expedition Expansion: Tartarus

Challenge: Erase within 6 minutes: Complete Tartarus.

In this case, you need to move quickly. If it starts late, consider restarting the mission from the beginning. Play the mission multiple times as needed. If you have data to buy, upgrading your erasure splicer gloves can help.

Crack and decipher 2

Challenge: Complete the Override mission to unlock the Conflux Chest. Use the decrypted data to decrypt the splicer engram season with a prismatic recaster.

This is a challenge that will be completed automatically if you have already played a lot of splicer seasons. If you haven’t run Crack and Decrypt 2 yet, just keep playing and it will unlock naturally.

Grenade Launcher Splicer

Challenge: Override or erase to defeat combatants with the Grenade Launcher. Earn bonus progress by defeating them quickly.

Use all kinds of grenade launchers to defeat your enemies. This type of challenge is best done while completing other activities such as raids and overrides.

Apex Armor

Challenge: Master work armor.

If you’re playing a lot of Destiny, this should be pretty easy. All you have to do is spend the various masterwork activities required to upgrade some armor.

The tranquility of nothingness

Challenge: Obtain seasonal ceremonial weapons.

If you have not completed this quest yet, select the seasonal quest from Banshee-44. You need to complete various activities and defeat your enemies with a fusion rifle. Please work while playing.

Beyond the legend

Challenge: Earn a heroic rank. 16 in total.

This challenge takes time. Just play a lot of PvP and you can finally unlock it.


Challenge: Complete Nightfall Strike without dying above Legend

This probably requires friends. Dive into Legend Nightfall and be careful not to die and come back. After defeating the boss and ending the strike, this challenge will be unlocked.

If you want to complete the Master of All Challenges by August 24th, be sure to complete all of these and the rest of the Season Challenges.