Destiny 2 Season Challenge Week 8 (Splicer Season)

Destiny 2: Splicer’s 8th Week Season Season Challenge arrived on June 29th. This guide will show you how to complete them all.

Some Season 14 Weekly Challenges are more complex than others. Check out the instructions below for advice on the fastest way to complete these season challenges. In particular, before the dawn of Season 14, Speed ​​Hack, Crack and Eclipse 3 is before it expires on August 24th.

Before dawn

Challenge: Talk to the splicer servitor, complete the splicer 8 pass, and open the chest that was corrupted by erasing. 20 broken chests.

This mission will take some time. The path to the splicer section should be easy enough, but 20 damaged chests will take some time. You will need a damaged keycode to unlock a damaged chest. Corrupted chests are displayed at the end of the corrupted erase mission. Damaged keycodes will randomly drop from enemies, so you’ll have to play the game until you have enough.

Speed ​​hack

Challenge: Complete the override mission within 15 minutes.

This challenge depends on your matchmaking. With enough teams, it’s pretty easy to complete an override in 15 minutes. If you get a bad team, you won’t get it done. The more you complete the override, the more likely you are to complete it.

Crack and decrypt 3

Challenge: Unlock the Conflux Chest by completing the Override mission. Decipher the season of Splicer Engrams with Prismatic Recasters. 45 Conflux chest. 45 engrams.

For this, you must complete 45 override missions with a valid key. If you upgrade your splicer gauntlet, you may also get a lot of splicer engrams to decrypt. If not, use the data to create your own.

Vecstar Minator

Challenge: Defeat powerful Beck’s anywhere in the system. You can earn bonus progress by defeating them with overrides or erasures.

You will have to kill a lot of Vex for this. If you’re keeping up with the splicer season, you shouldn’t have much trouble completing this.

Primitive patina

Challenge: Get the Null Compliance Primeval Patina Ornament.

Once you have the Null Composure Fusion Rifle, you need to complete Gambit-specific quests. You need to kill enemies with fusion rifles and solar weapons. You also need to complete the Gambit match.

Trial by firing squad

Challenge: Win multiple rounds in the Trials of Osiris. 7 wins.

To do this, you need to win seven Osiris trial rounds. It’s a lot easier than it says, but that’s all you need to do.

Vanguard vestment

Challenge: Get the Null Compliance Vanguard Vestments Ornament.

Like primitive patina, you will need to gain null calm and then take on a strike-specific mission for it. You need to complete the nightfall and defeat the enemy with a fusion rifle.

Reward the Big Bright Dust Pile If you want to complete the Master of All Challenges by August 24th, be sure to complete all of these and the rest of the Season Challenges.