Destiny 2 seems to be getting all the right changes in the weeks leading up to the Witch Queen

If you are a staunch fan Destiny 2, you may have seen the This week on the Bungie Blog. This is the latest wave of information in a long line of teasers and updates, and like many dumps of information in the past, it’s really exciting. It seems like every post is adding to the excitement surrounding The Witch Queen.

For those of you who haven’t read it, the weekly update brings news of a completely redesigned Gunsmith – an aspect of the game that I completely overlooked as a component in need of improvement. Of course, that means spending all of our firearm building materials, but it’s a chore well worth rework.

Afterwards Changes in blue blotsAs you level up, these serve as occasional upgrades that let you soar your power levels as you experience new content, but quickly become stock fillers once you’re in the end game.

With the Witch Queen, these will automatically stop once you hit the soft cap (the term referring to the point at which you can no longer increase your power level with normal drops). Instead, a higher chance of getting legendary gear will be applied, meaning the loot you grab is always valuable.

Then there are the bizarre catalysts. Starting February 22, catalysts for the following weapons will be available at the end of your typical playlist activities like Crucible and Strike:

  • Eagle Moon
  • dead man’s story
  • Iger’s Scepter
  • Outbreak perfect
  • Whisper of the Worm
  • fourth knight

On top of that announcing the release date of the new raid, which is March 5th, I found myself slowly but surely getting ready for the FPS.The Witch Queen expansion pack containing all of these updates and more will drop February 22.

For more coverage of Destiny 2, check out our coverage of the recent The Witch Queen trailer, as well as new players thrown into the Eternal Challenge competition earlier this month.