Destiny 2: Splicer Season “Vault Of Glass” Raid Challenge Arrives Next Week

Destiny 2: For those who want to look up these stats in the Season of Splicer, an easy way to do that is to complete the top activities. This includes the Legendary Lost Sector, Competitive PvP and Raids. Now that the Vault of Glass has defeated Destiny 2 in the Season of the Splicer, it’s time to make the experience a little more rewarding. For those who are looking for more ways to get better drops, the Vault of Glass Raid Challenge is coming next week.

Bungy confirmed the latest Challenge Drop News The blog post confirms that encounters with a unique challenge mode activated will come with an additional chest as a reward. catch? Guardian, you really need to complete the challenge successfully, so don’t be depressed.

The Vault of Glass is arguably one of the best raids Destiny has offered between the two franchise games. If I had heard it before the release of Beyond Light, I would have said it was my favorite, but I think the beautiful Deep Stone Criplaid took the crown instead.

The latest updates also include those exclusively for Gaming Community Expo fans. The GCX showcase will start next week. The Community Meet Up will be held from June 17th to June 20th this year. You have a good time, but you can also make money. Bungie has confirmed that it hides seven dead ghosts throughout the “space station.” Those who participate in and view YouTube footage proving that they have found all seven will receive a special emblem reward as a prize. There is also a story that Bungie cannot say that the universe is over, as lawyers stop by saying it is “ridiculous.”I don’t know; you can check it correctly yourself Here..


Charity activities will also be held at the St. Jude Childrens Hospital event next week. The community is once again united to raise money for the children ( Children!We also host a special emblem incentive for a $ 50 donation. Ellis Morne’s voice actor, Morla Gorondna, also contributed by signing seven statues of Ellis Morne. For every $ 7 donation, you have the chance to win one of these collectable items.

That’s the challenge for Guardians, Charities and the Vault of Glass Raid. It’s not a bad week.