Destiny 2 The change of weapons and trials is coming

Bungie, the development studio behind the popular field service sci-fi FPS Destiny 2, passed New blog post That’s quite big Number of balance changes Won the championship before the 30th anniversary of the studio. Not hurry up to sleep! Osiris Trials PvP mode also has new changes.

All of this will appear in early December before the new Loot Cave dungeon and the beloved Gjallahorn rocket launcher are introduced from the original destiny. The goal seems to be to eliminate many of the rough edges that currently exist in the game before the upcoming major update, especially the upcoming Witch Queen expansion pack in February 2022.

Let’s start with the gun! You can read all the updates in full through the blog post, but we have listed the main tips below:

  • Shotgun -PvE bonus damage reduced from 30% to 20%. The projectile shotgun received a 10% increase in PvE damage.
  • Linear Fusion Rifle -This weapon type gains a 10% damage increase in PvE.
  • Caster sword -Get gain! Reduced the cost of heavy ammunition from 8 to 5.
  • bow -Damage to non-leader enemies increased by approximately 10%.
  • Side arms and fusion rifles -Now it’s hit scan weapon! Previously they were not caused by a bug, but with the fix for this issue, both weapon types now work as expected.

Now for Exotics, we have made many changes to balance the competitive environment. There are many changes to review, so we’ll focus on the main changes with the most impact.

  • Vex Mythoclast -Incredibly destroyed. There are now nerfs to reach its target assist and three eliminations to trigger a full overload instead of two. Obviously it is still very powerful because you want to consider the requirements to own it, but it is no longer the monster it used to be.
  • Lion Fighting -As the hit grenade launcher in the Crucible playlist is getting frustrated, its heavy-duty hit gain has been reduced. If you click to publish these changes, the reload will be as fast as before, but loss will make it slower.
  • Strong crossbow -Get anti-barrier as a built-in function. When you need to defeat a champion, make the weapon method more useful in high-end PvE.
  • Frozen 77K -Make huge changes to make it more feasible in PvE. The variable trigger has been removed, and the charging shot has been moved to a special reload, which is triggered by the last hit. This time charging shots also no longer cost the entire magazine.
  • Heir -Catalyst previously had a bug that caused it to provide players with excessive damage resistance. This benefit has been reduced from 75% to 25% (ouch).

Some of the more interesting upcoming changes are for welfare. Not as sexy as exotic, but anyone who has played endgame knows that the good benefits in Destiny 2 determine the success or failure of equipment. We see adrenaline junkies get a lot of rework, the knockout round provides a single damage stack, and the grenade kills hit five stacks all the way. Vorpal Weapon-formerly the obvious choice for heavy weapons-has a damage bonus distributed among all weapon types, not just your heavy weapons.

Whirlwind Blade is obviously also a fantastic sword skill, so it has been significantly weakened because the hit requirement for the trigger effect has been doubled. Finally, the pulse monitor will now trigger at 90% health, so you won’t feel dead until you make the most of it.

Let’s end with the trial! Trials of Osiris is making changes to the capture zone version of the mode, marking the capture point at the beginning of the round and ensuring it is generated in the neutral zone, so as not to bias the round towards a certain team. To help achieve this goal, the Osiris Trial map is being changed to Endless Valley-featuring a large central space that two teams can enter at similar speeds.

As the Transgender Awareness Week on November 19 comes to an end, the pride of freedom logo has almost disappeared!If you haven’t redeemed it yet, please be sure to use the code ML3-FD4-ND9 in Redemption code website.

We are currently in a quiet moment in Destiny 2, but this will soon be over. The Witch Queen is coming soon, and it looks like it will play around with the light and dark narrative of the game, allowing you to fight the light bearers in the new content.