Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards, June 11-15

The trial of Osiris is back Destiny 2.. Saint-14 is a new trial vendor and announcer that allows players to find him and his products on the tower hanger at reset every Friday.

Each week, Osiris’ Trial Map changes, and the rewards for winning a certain number of matches also change. The rewards are consistent for all players, but each player’s weapon role is different.

This is Osiris’ guaranteed trial reward for this week.

map: Burnout Syndrome

Caution: At the time of arrival season, players can complete the weekly bounty of the endgame. This requires the completion of a trial match (winning brings more progress). To win the reward of 3 wins.

Players who have won seven wins without losing once can go to the Lighthouse social space. This is called a Flores run. The lighthouse provides players with additional rewards. Some of them are unique, such as special emblems.

Players arriving at the lighthouse will earn a special armor glow in one of the Osiris Armor trials that will last for the rest of the weekend.