Destiny 2 Xur locations and items, September 17-21

Xur, the weekly Exotic goods merchant, will hang out in random locations in the world of Destiny.exist Destiny 2, He can appear on the entire map or in the tower.This week, you can tower, Standing on the stairs behind hangar.

Image: Bungie through polygons

Xur’s inventory this week includes the following:

  • Ruthless Solar Fusion Rifle: 29 Legendary Fragments
  • Galano Shards, Hunter’s Gauntlets: 23 Legendary Shards
  • One-eyed mask, Titan helmet: 23 legendary fragments
  • Geomag Stabilizer, Warlock Boots: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Exotic Engram: 97 Legendary Shards (you can now use Exotic Cipher to buy the second one)
  • Exotic Password Task: Free

The strength of Xur’s item drop is similar to your character.


There was a time ruthless Fusion rifle is one of the best exotic Destiny 2. Its exotic, Stay motivated, Allowing it to charge the Fusion Burst faster with every non-critical blow you hit. This still makes the boss kill very fast, but it has been surpassed by many other weapons.

In other words, Merciless is still very interesting to use in various content, especially old-school things. Its power is not lower than in the first year—in fact, it is even more so because it is now in your energy tank—but there are many better weapons to choose from. Nevertheless, if you are interested in Nightfalls or Leviathan raids, Merciless is still a must-have.

Galano Shard

Galano Shard After experiencing some serious weakening, this is the shadow of the past. Shards’ Exotic perk is Sharp Edges, which will return super energy based on the number of blades you hit with Blade Barrage. Super refunds are capped, so you will never get them back. If you like Blade Barrage, then in every Strike or Crucible game you play, it is a great way to get you more value. If you are a hunter, please don’t miss these gloves.

Monocular mask

Monocular mask It’s the Titan Head Helmet from the forgotten, And is one of the best PvP Exotics in the game.Its exotic is revenge. When enemies do damage to you, you will mark them so that you can track them through walls. Killing the marked target will give you an Overshield. Although the one-eyed mask is not as good as it used to be, it is still worth a try for players who like PvP.

Geomag stabilizer

Geomag stabilizer is the new exotic boots Destiny 2: Forsaken. Their Exotic perk is close enough that as long as your energy reaches about 90%, it will charge your Chaos Reach Super when you sprint. Using Chaos Reach to damage the enemy will also extend the duration. This is a fantastic exotic warlock. If you don’t have them yet, be sure to select them.

Exotic password mission

Xur Alien Password Task

Image: Bungie through polygons

Start at Beyond light, Xur has a new pursuit of foreign passwords. Exotic Cipher allows you to buy old Exotics from the monument to the lost light kiosk in the tower. You will need these items and some other currencies to obtain Exotics, such as Heir Apparent and Truth.

This week, Xur wants you to complete 21 Strikes or win a Crucible or Gambit game. By completing the mission, you will get an Exotic Cipher, which you can use as you wish.