Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost kicked off today with a dud inspired by dinosaurs

The annual “Festival of Lost” event in Destiny 2 Today, you can pick up some interesting looking armors this time, especially for dinosaur lovers.

Earlier this year, the community helped Bungie decide on a dinosaur-themed armor, and now you can buy a decorative set in the Eververse store. Have fun and make your new gear look sharp.

This year, you can also buy the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and Exotic Sparrow. You will also help fill in the Forgotten Book featuring memorable characters and heroic deeds. You will be responsible for finding some missing pages.

The event includes three haunted departments. One of them is Exo and Vex Mind, which “melt into new things”. Then a guardian on Nessus is hunting for their ghost, while headless creatures are running around on the moon.

As always, Eva Levante invites you to join Last City to celebrate the tradition of light found in the dark to commemorate the lost places. Oh yes, there are sweets. There is always candy to earn.

Until November 2, Destiny 2 players can enjoy the celebration.