Destiny 2’s new Transmog system takes 25 hours to make one outfit

Destiny 2 The launch of the season is usually the cause of community celebrations, but players are already furious with the Season of Splicer’s Transmog system. People were already low on expectations after the disastrous results were revealed a few weeks ago. But what’s worse, the system turned out to be an incredible grind, and it took 25 hours to completely convert all five items the player was wearing.

Destiny 2The Transmog system, called “Armor Synthesis” in the game, has three different “Synth” materials: Synthstrand, Synthcord, and Synthweave. The process begins with collecting 150 synth strands. This is done by the Guardian killing wild enemies or interacting with essentially any system in the game.

Players then spend all 150 synth strands on prizes from armor synthesis vendor Ada-1. Winnings give the player a random purpose — the theme is that the player has chosen a strike, crucible, gambit, destination, or raid. When the player completes the goal and submits the prize, he will earn 100 Sint Code.

Players need to “unlock” their favorite looks in Synthweave
Image: Bungee via polygon

The Guardian then needs to return to Ada-1 and submit the 100 Synthcord for Synthweave. It is color coded based on the class the player uses when submitting the Synthcord. Players then use this Synthweave to unlock the look of their favorite armor and turn it into a “universal ornament” that allows them to overwrite the look of any armor without changing their stats. Guardians typically only get 10 thin sweeps per class per season, but Bungy offers players additional during the season of Splicer’s tutorial missions.

Bungie unveiled this strange multi-step process a few weeks before the Season of the Splicer. The 10-season Synthweave limit was a major source of frustration, as was the number of hoop players who had to jump. The whole process becomes even more frustrating when you know that with Bungie you can pay real money to bypass everything and buy an unlimited amount of Synthweave.

However, after Bungie officially launched the Season of the Splicer on Tuesday, players realized that the grind was much worse than everyone expected.

The main issue is the acquisition of Synthstrand. If you’re a Destiny player, you know that collecting something 150 from your enemies isn’t too difficult. Guardians can defeat over 100 enemies in a single 10-minute strike. However, after some testing, the player discovered that Synthstrand had a timer. Players get one synth strand every two minutes of combat time. So there is no AFK to rack up a synth strand overnight on a planet or tower.

Destiny data mining and owners Today’s fate, JpDeathBlade, Tweeted some specific details about the system and its limitations.

We decided to test it ourselves, confirming that it had nothing to do with player efficiency. We ran around the EDZ, killing enemies from side to side and getting two synth strands in two minutes. The first is at the beginning of 2 minutes and the second is after 2 minutes. In the second experiment, I killed an enemy to get a synth strand, AFKed for exactly 2 minutes at the Trostrand Church, and killed another enemy when the timer expired. The second enemy dropped the synth strand. Make sure there is no reward for the player killing more enemies, exactly every two minutes, both times.

Active players receive 30 synth strands per hour, which is enough to buy prizes every 5 hours. Players will thankfully continue to earn Synthstrand while working on a new bounty, but the bounty itself has some long purpose.

Discounting the time it takes to complete the prize (because players can always win synth strands), the Guardian will complete a fully transmog costume that includes helmets, arms, chest, legs, and class items 25 It takes time. If the player wants to complete 2 outfits, or 10 items (seasonal maximum per class), it will take 50 hours. Also, players who want to transmog all 30 items (10 items for every 3 characters) in the season will need to crush for 150 hours.

Ada-1 Destiny 2

Ada-One new bounty store for the Season of Splicers
Image: Bungee via polygon

Other games like Diablo 3 With a completely free Transmog system, players pick up items and immediately put them in the Transmog collection. The player then pays Mystic in-game gold to change the look. World of WarcraftAn MMO like Destiny, but with a subscription, we also offer armor Transmogà la Diablo.

Destiny is technically a free-to-play game, but for players who don’t own a new season or a single extension after Bungie removed much of the game’s content for the Destiny Content Vault last year. There aren’t many things. Bungie’s new Transmog system seems to be angled to make money in stores first and foremost. Due to extreme grinds and resource limitations, fashion-focused guardians are highly advised to purchase additional Synthweave.

This is different for true free games such as: League of Legends, Riot charges players for optional cosmetics and gives playable characters the option to spend real money.Very talented League of Legends A player who has never spent money on a game.But to do anything with Destiny 2 By 2021, players will need to own an expansion or season.To make matters worse, the bungee is doing that treatment Players who own seasons and expansions are the same as free players..

Players have asked the bungee for the ability to create a Guardian look since the original. Destiny.. But just a few days after its launch Destiny 2The first Transmog system in is an unmitigated disaster.

I contacted Bungie about the dispute, but it’s currently unclear if the studio will fix the system in the future.Currently, frustration with armor synthesis systems dominates most of the conversation around us. Destiny 2An otherwise exciting new season.