Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Dungeon will require a digital deluxe version

A new dungeon is coming Destiny 2coming soon this Witch queen The extension will not be included in the standard edition or season pass. Bungie’s community manager stated that they can only be offered as a standalone purchase or as part of the deluxe edition Post on Reddit on Wednesday.

Two of the dungeons will appear as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition, priced at $79.99. As part of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Bundle, there is also a third dungeon, priced at US$24.99; players who want all three dungeons can purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition and 30th Anniversary Set for US$99.99. (Only “The Witch Queen” comes with the first season, which costs $39.99.)

A sort of Previous article from Bungie It has been clarified that players will be able to upgrade to the deluxe version to access the dungeons. The Reddit post on Wednesday stated that Bungie “will also provide you with a separate way to purchase dungeons in the future.” However, the announcement that these two dungeons require additional charges has been raised. The fans strongly opposed it. At the time of publication, the Reddit post had 2,358 objections, and the top comment on the post said: “I know it’s not your fault, but you will be hollowed out here.”

In the past, dungeons were either free or included in expansion packs, and this change in expectations made fans frustrated to a certain extent. Twitter is also full of people expressing their frustration. A viral tweet says there is no way to defend prices and that it is “too bad.”

Even slightly more Generous tweets, acknowledgment Bungie has to make money in some way, by saying, “Fate has and will never be’freedom’. Any fantasy of facts is funny.”

The problematic dungeons will appear between the Witch Queen in 2022 and the Lightfall Expansion in 2023, and they may not appear until a few months after the Witch Queen’s release on February 22.