Destiny of Osiris 2 Trial | Perfect tips and tricks for visiting the lighthouse and rewards

Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2’s pinnacle PVP mode, is back, and has seen some major changes in The Lost Season. You can read all the changes in Bungie’s blog post.

“The Trial of Osiris” is now easier for all players to obtain, reward and participate, not just the first 1% of the sweat of playing PVP all day.

Therefore, you can get the best trial rewards. We have compiled some important tips for getting a perfect run in the trial of Osiris in Destiny 2. Check out the embedded video above to understand our strategy outline, Or read the following.

Destiny 2 Osiris’s Trial of Flawless Running

One of the greatest achievements of Trials of Osiris is winning seven times in a row. This is called a perfect run and allows access to the lighthouse and loot boxes there to get some of the best rewards and materials in the game.

It is not easy to get seven consecutive victories, but hope that through this tips and tricks video, you will learn one or two things to win more rounds, games, and ultimately flawless.

How to be flawless in the trial of Osiris

  • For many reasons, you need teamwork. This means staying in close contact with your fire team at all times. On the one hand, team shooting will drop enemies like flies, and you will win more deals; secondly, if one of you falls, you have been resurrected at close range. The only reason you don’t stay in a team is that the enemy has a superhero and you need to do a quick incremental split, or you have agreed to send someone from your fire team to the flank. In addition, you need to try to keep up with your teammates.
  • Don’t let your enemies resurrect their teammates for free. If you kill people, don’t run away from their bodies and let the enemy resurrect them. protect them! Now treat their death place as a fixed point, you can protect and prevent the enemy from resurrecting like your life depends on! I have seen players who resurrect people for free have lost a lot of rounds. In addition, if you knock down someone from a distance and it is now 3vs2, then be aggressive. Push the enemy team together, because you have the player’s computational advantage to win the shootout. If you don’t win the battle because the enemy leaves, at least you have pushed them away and can’t resurrect their teammates. Stop letting people resurrect for free!

  • Heavy ammunition is produced in the 4th round. You need to protect it for your team and reject the enemy, because heavy ammunition almost always kills for free multiple times.
  • Use any gun you like best, but don’t be afraid to adjust the load. I like hand cannons, I use them 95% of the time, but sometimes pulse rifles, scouts, snipers, and bows appear in the enemy team. I am forced to change because I just feel more angry in some ways. Far sight. The sooner I adapt and say “this hand cannon doesn’t work”, the better. If you can’t beat them, join them. If they all play long distances, you will play long distances; if they all play close distances, you will play close distances. Ideally, however, you want your fire team settings to cover all ranges in order to become familiar with other weapons that you might not normally use, and be prepared to switch from your favorite load when needed.
  • Some players in Destiny 2’s PVP know nothing other than running forward and sliding with a shotgun! As long as it works and they are killed, these players will continue to do so. They are very aggressive, and the sooner you recognize this style of play, the easier it will be for you to do what I call peddling. This is exactly what it sounds like, but you will be surprised how many battles I won because I was not lured into a 50/50 shotgun duel, but walked back one or three in a KO shotgun range. Centimeter, creating space between us and the 3 clicked Titan, trying to push me down. This sounds stupid, but trust me, try it!
  • The game shows how super your enemies are for a reason. So you can play accordingly. If they are ready for a wide range of super effects, please don’t keep grouping! Or if they have a roaming Super and yours is a closed Super, save yours to prevent them from dying in their tracks. If they have a roaming super, run for your life and try to survive until it runs out. If you don’t know, Wandering Super is like a hunter’s golden gun or Titan’s Holocaust Fist, and closing Super is like a hunter’s blade barrage or Warlock’s new star bomb. There are a lot of mental games to play, but around the 4th round, you will see superheroes starting to appear, so please pay attention. Read Supers and act accordingly. Also, separate your Supers as a team-unless absolutely necessary, don’t pop your Supers all in a round.

  • The most important statistic you can specify with mods is recovery. On your armor, you need to have at least level 8 or 9 recovery! I can’t emphasize enough. When you have to sit in the bunker all day and wait for your health to recover, it will kill the game flow. You can play more aggressively with more recovery, because you will recover health faster than the enemy. The shotgunners I mentioned earlier, if they hurt you from a distance and you are just a shot, they will push you, but if you have recovered most of your health when they push you, you are not just A sitting duck can engage in some fights or even fights.
  • If you are in a pre-made three-person firepower group, talk to your teammates and speak up. You will be surprised to see how much important information is seen but not communicated. Even if you die, you can still see a little bit of the audience’s vision, and you can see things that your teammates might not see. A simple call, such as “That warlock is healing the rift” or “He has retreated and is ready to resurrect”, can allow you to make better immediate decisions. When you see an opportunity, communicate with you and keep your teammates aligned with you.
  • Practice makes perfect, so play the normal PVP mode and actively try to get better when trials are not available. Don’t just play it for your Pinnacle rewards, but leave it for a week. Enter and pay attention to areas that need improvement and work hard for it. Understand the metadata and see what guns people use. Maybe adjust your sensitivity because you are a bit over-shooting. To solve your weaknesses in ordinary PVP, I assure you that when Osiris’s trial returns, you will go further on your card.
  • Cheer for your teammates! If you chat with them at a party and they get double-killed, you will be surprised to tell them how effective the “good job” or my favorite “let F*$%cking!” compliment is. Let them play like this. A happy team wins more games.

In the video above, you will learn about the importance of teamwork, how to deal with some aggressive players, and the most important modules and statistics you need to specify.

If you didn’t choose Flawless, don’t worry, if you win a total of 50 rounds and increase your reputation with Saint-14 in Tower Hanger, you will still get a lot of loot.

Let me know how you will behave when you return from the trial of Osiris next weekend. But at the same time, when you reach the lighthouse, you need some cool cosmetics. So here is the latest logo and shader code for Destiny 2.

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