Details of the new FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intermission Fort Condor revealed

Earlier this month, Square Enix confirmed that FINAL FANTASY VII’s popular mini-game, Fort Condor, is making a comeback in a remastered intermission episode. Now, there are some more details about what Fort Condor has to offer players, including some new screenshots.

Fort Condor is a strategic mini-game that is a very beloved aspect of the Final Fantasy world. So it’s a bit of a nod to look back on how remakes continue to revive what we love most.recently Playstation Blog Japan PositionThe details of Fort Condor have been revealed, and there are few details about the enhancements added to this game in-game.

This was on the Japan branch blog, so there are language differences, but the screenshot above shows a board where players can swap deck configurations. Fort Condor allows you to place the unit wherever you think it is on the board, fully equipped with a recognizable ATB gauge. There are three types of units that players fight against: shooter, defender, and attacker.

There are also spells. Materia can be used by players to cast magical attacks on the other side. The screenshot above shows a real battle where the units are automatically moving and fighting.

As Square Enix has previously confirmed, FINAL FANTASY VII Remake’s Intermission DLC adds two new chapters that players can enjoy when Yuffie Kisaragi launches an attack on Shinra. For PlayStation 4 players, there is a free Intergrade upgrade (unless your version is a PS Plus giveaway), but PS4 players without a PS5 console will not be able to use Yuffie DLC. However, for PlayStation 5 players, the download remains a separate digital item, but Intergrade includes Intermission at no additional cost.

If you purchase a physical copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the Intermission DLC is included, but it is also included as a separate code. At this time, there is no way to play the Intermission storyline without two separate downloads.

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What are your thoughts on future Yuffie episodes in FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade? What other aspects of the original FINAL FANTASY VII title do you want to be the cut for the next part? Try the hottest take in the comments section below.