Details of the new Project L from Riot Games’ Undercity Night appear

Riot Games’ League of Legends fighting game, still called Project L, was showcased in more detail at the Undercity Night event this weekend, consolidating its genre, several characters, and even its online infrastructure plan.

The video features executive producer Tom Cannon and technical lead Tony Cannon announce the vertical slices that Project L will eventually provide. As originally hinted at when the game was released, the title will still be a 2D fighting game set in the world of Runeterra, but now we know that it will feature 2-on-2 combat, and role assistance will affect gameplay. “We think this is the right foundation for building a game that rewards strategic team building and real-time decision-making based on a strong battle foundation,” said the executive producer. Take inspiration from games like Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Project L seems to allow players to switch their roles at will, play a role in fast and smooth combinations and exciting moments between fighters, and even watch them as fans. Speaking of this concept, Tom Cannon said: “Like many of you, we are inspired by the crazy performance, hard reading and 200 IQ games behind some of the most iconic moments in the history of fighting games.”

The entire control scheme is not obvious yet, but the reintroduction video shows some actions and mapped buttons to perform them. Away from the complex directional movements used by many fighters, Project L is seeking to simplify input, such as releasing a special action by pressing a button or adding a direction only when the button is pressed. Although this method does make it easier for players to master attacks and combo execution, developers still seem to have a lot of complexity when it comes to the abilities of each character.

One of the new characters shown is Ekko, who plays with the structure of time in battle. Ike’s attack will produce an afterimage, showing where he has been in the past few seconds. He can instantly return to the position of that image, continue his onslaught or escape to a safer area. Ike seems to have many exciting options for players to use, and he will definitely become a tricky character to both learn to use and fight against.

Tony Cannon introduced the current plans for the Project L online game, which includes server technology already used by Riot. Project L will use the “core rollback network”, which provides “constant low input latency over a wide ping range”. Riot Direct enhances this, which is a network solution used by the company in League of Legends and Valorant. It uses multiple servers between two players to manage the connection, and when a player encounters network speed or reliability The question is “ensure a consistent and fair game experience.” According to the person in charge of technology, this means that someone with a good connection will not encounter some or any problems caused by the opponent’s potentially worse connection. Riot also took steps to determine who would win the game when participants quit angrily before the end of the game.

The other characters on display are Jinx, Darius, and Ari, all adopting a style similar to the art nouveau that appears in the new Netflix animation series. ArcaneThe L project is still in its early stages (it doesn’t even have a name yet!), but Cannon promises that we will see more next a Blog post, Tom Cannon said that we should not expect to release Project L in 2021 or 2022, so those who are looking forward to giving up with these champions for a while.

What does the L project think of you? Are you excited about doubles team battles, or do you want to experience another type of fighting game? Let us know in the comments!