Devil May Cry’s Dante is at Super Smash Brothers Ultimate … as a Mii costume with Skyrim’s Dovahkiin

Good news! Devil May Cry’s Dante is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Bad news! Arrival in Mii costume format almost kills our hope that he will arrive on the roster as a fully playable fighter rather than the current Mii format. Alas, the world is cruel and unfriendly, but I have to admit that he looks cute like a Chibi Mii character. Dante will appear in Nintendo’s fighting game with Shanti, Tales of Symphonia’s Lloyd, and Skyrim’s Dovakyin.

Smash director Masahiro Sakurai took a closer look at Tekken’s Kazuya before arriving in the game as a playable fighter to start a new week. The live stream event ended with the release of the latest Mii costume. It’s a long-standing joke in the smash community that the Mii section of the smash presentation is a death kiss. If something arrives at Smash as a Mii, it’s a confirmation that the character with that exact depiction is Dead On Arrival, with respect to the possibility of adding rosters. So, with the latest Mii costume confirmation, we both pay tribute to Dante and at the same time say “How are you?”

Joking aside, Dante as a Mii is a little adorable. His costume is accurate to the in-game persona, and the same is true for the addition of Skyrim. From the iconic helm that produced a million memes to the inclusion of Shanti as a third addition, the latest Mii costumes will arrive on June 29, the same day Kazuya drops. Each costume is retailed for $ 0.75.

Another important point from the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stream event is that the director has confirmed that the next character to be revealed in the game will be the last in the title. It’s been an incredible run so far, and the latest fighting entries haven’t just won its ultimate name. The latest Super Smash Bros. is entertained from start to finish with amazing crossovers and an impressive roster. I’m looking forward to seeing what the final character will look like.

What are your thoughts on the crew participating in the game as Dante and Mii costumes? What are your predictions about who the last fighter will be? Listen to your thoughts in the comments section below.