Devolver Digital goes public and acquires new studio

Devolver Digital announced today that it has been listed, and the stock exchange valued it at US$950 million.

The company said that as it goes public, it will be able to continue investing in the games it is currently developing, cooperating with new games that could not be considered before, and adding more “excellent talents we like to work with to join our team.” The perfect video game professional. “

It is said that the employees of Devolver Digital are still the majority shareholders of the company because everyone who works there owns shares.

At the same time as the public offering of shares, the company also announced the acquisition of three studios: Dodge Roll (into the dungeon), Nerial (Reigns, Card Shark) and FireFly Studios (Stronghold series).

These studios joined Croteam (Serious Sam, The Talos Principle), which was also acquired last year.

“The games and experiences curated by these four studios are incredible. In our partnership, each studio maintains complete creative autonomy,” Dvor says.

It is reported that Sony invested 5% of the company’s shares, According to

This Austin, Texas-based publisher was founded in 2009 with a beer at a picnic table. It is famous for taking risks on indie games and brought us such things as Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, OilOlli, Hatoful Boyfriend, Genital Jousting, Loop Hero, Death Gate, my friend Pedro, etc.

It is also known for its pre-recorded quirky AF E3 mimic display.