Devolver Digital’s Weird West postponed to March 31

Devolver Digital and developer WolfEye Studios Announce (thanks Role-playing website) Action RPG/immersive sim hybrid Weird west It will be postponed to March 31 to make it more immersive and weird, making the game two months behind the original January release date.

WolfEye Studios is composed of veterans of immersive simulation games, such as Dishonored and Prey, aiming to create a Western environment mixed with strange and supernatural elements, similar to Diablo encounters radiation. Creative director Raf Colantonio explained the reasons behind the delay:

Weird West is a deep blend of action role-playing games and immersive simulation elements, based on the experience of the WolfEye team with Dishonored and Prey. Early feedback is great, but, like any immersive simulation game, there are many variables that can lead to unintended consequences. More time is needed to provide the experience the community expects from WolfEye and Devolver. The team understands that this may disappoint people, but wants to ensure that the games they have developed over the years are released in the best possible form.

Announced in Devolver Direct 2020, Weird West touted its team of Arkane Studios developers. Then, back to October, the release date was set for January, but obviously WolfEye now feels that it needs more time to provide the best games. Hope it will be worth the wait when it comes.

Weird West will be launched for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 31, 2022.