Devotion developer Red Candle Games launches 2D action platform game, Nine Suns

Red Candle Games is the team behind the popular horror game Devotion and Detention, but in March it teased a new project that seemed less creepy. The studio released a short clip of a 2D action game, marked as a work in progress, and today we have a title and a tip on what is needed for the adventure.

This game is called Nine Sol, Red Candle Game describes it Twitter As a “hand-drawn 2D action platform game with deflection focused combat inspired by Sekiro.” The protagonist of the game is a vengeful hero who kills nine rulers called Sols in a forgotten kingdom inspired by Asian fantasy. This world is also home to an ancient alien race. The official artwork released below reveals the cat-like appearance of the protagonist (hidden by a hat in the demo clip).

Nine Suns has no release window or announcement platform, so it may still have a long way to go. Still, given the quality of Red Candle Games’ horror games, it’s exciting to see the team tackle things outside of their usual cockpit.

In the meantime, please check out our review of the latest version of Red Candle Games Devotion.