Diablo 2 Catacombs | Where are the monastery catacombs where Diablo 2 was resurrected?

In your adventure so far Diablo 2 is resurrected, Your mission destination has been waiting for you on the next map-but not Monastery catacombs.

Just like traveling through the swamps and highlands of the sanctuary to the monastery barracks, the journey to meet Andariel in the monastery catacombs will take you through multiple maps and dungeons.

This mission also represents the soaring difficulty of some early games, facing many powerful, anti-magic, and named enemies along the way.

This is where you need to fight with the boss in the first act of Diablo 2.

Where is the catacomb of the monastery in Diablo 2?

First, you need to return to the Rogue Monastery. If you do not activate the waypoint, you can reach it through the underground passage in the stone ground next to the Cairns stone, then through the dark forest, the black swamp, and finally Tamoe Highlands until you reach the monastery gate.

Here you will find yourself in the outer monastery, but there is still a long way to go.

Entering the barracks, you may confront the powerful Smith again on the way, until you reach the stairs leading to the prison.

Going down the stairs to enter the prison, you will have to pass through three increasingly difficult floors until you reach the inner monastery.

There should be an easily accessible waypoint to return to Rogue Encampment to sell your loot and take a break.

From the inner cloister, you still have a way to reach the ground floor of the catacombs.

Enter the cathedral and be careful to deal with the attack of the powerful enemy waiting for you.

Eventually, you will come to the entrance of the catacombs in the area. Then there are 4 levels of monastery catacombs you can climb through until you reach the lowest level boss Andariel.

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