Diablo 2 characters disappeared wrong and where to find the characters in Diablo 2

Part of the bug that the Diablo 2 character disappeared is an unfortunate legacy of the release issue, and part of it is not an error at all.

The remake was released with no shortage of errors, including an error that appeared to remove the character from the server. However, the problem you are most likely to encounter stems from how the game loads its default settings.

Diablo 2 character disappeared error | Diablo 2 character disappeared

If you log back in to Diablo 2 after logging out, you may find that your character is nowhere to be seen. The character tabs are empty, as if they never existed. This is normal, because “Diablo 2 Resurrection” defaults to an online character, which is completely separate from your offline character.

Click the Offline tab and your character should be there, waiting to continue their adventure.

Diablo 2 character disappears error | Diablo 2 server issues

When Diablo 2 was first released, server problems have been plagued it, and Blizzard admitted that some related issues may cause the character to disappear. As of late September 23, the developer stated that all bugs that could cause the role to disappear have been resolved. If you are still experiencing problems and the characters in the offline tab have disappeared, there are a few things you can try (though not sure).

Log out of the server and log out of Battle.net, and then try to log in again. Some people report that it solves the problem, but again, it is not guaranteed to be effective for everyone. If this situation continues to occur, your best option is to wait for Blizzard to fix it. again.

If you are still using Diablo 2 Resurrected, you need to browse some other relics from the past. Unless you are already familiar with the game, it is difficult to find monastery barracks and evil lairs. Cairn Stones riddles can also be troublesome. When you understand the story in depth, be sure to set aside some time to plan your courses and skill points, and don’t think too much about the meaning of the Chat Gem.

After filing a major lawsuit against widespread harassment, California Activision Blizzard is currently under investigation.

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