Diablo 2 gem activation and what does the chat gem do

If you receive a Diablo 2 gem activation message, congratulations.

You have just received a message from the past, one that is closely related to the series-but it has no practical value.

Diablo 2 gem activation | What is the role of chat gems in Diablo 2

The chat gem is a small purple gem located between the main game screen and the chat screen when you bring up the latter. Clicking on the gem will pop up a message saying “The gem is activated”. Click it again and you will receive a deactivated message.

Sometimes, Chat Gem will throw random messages, including “Perfect Gem Activated” and “Mooo”. The former may be a brazen reference to the ideal perfect quality gem you can make in the game, while the latter is actually making fun of the secret cow level, which makes it return in Diablo 2 Rebirth.

This is the essence of Chat Gem: a cheeky pleasure. The chat gem appeared in the original Diablo 2 with the same function, and then appeared again as a joke in Diablo 3 and other promotional materials.

Although interviews no longer exist online, it is reported that Diablo designer Jay Wilson Tell GameTrailers in 2011 In addition to being a humorous way to confuse people, gems have absolutely no function.

In short, you can click the chat gem as many times as you want, but once Gem Activated or Moooo appears, don’t expect anything to happen.

If you are still using Diablo 2 Resurrected, you need to browse some other relics from the past. Unless you are already familiar with the game, it is difficult to find the monastery barracks and the evil lair, and the Keynes Stone riddle is also troublesome. As you sort through the story, be sure to set aside some time to plan your courses and skill points.

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