Diablo 2: Resurrected server outages, how Blizzard plans to repair them

Diablo 2: Resurrection There have been server problems since its launch last month, but recently they have gotten worse.After more than a week of crashes and interruptions, Blizzard released a long and in-depth Blog post Describe the problem, what caused the problem, and how the team plans to solve these problems.

all Diablo 2 Blizzard’s post explained that remake’s server problems are caused by a series of small problems that overlap each other, which means that there is more than one solution to fix these problems. One problem that may seem surprising is the number of players Blizzard is dealing with. Diablo 2: Resurrection Just last week, the number of players was still hitting a new high. There are more players logged in now than when the game was launched, and Blizzard’s servers have a hard time keeping up.

But so far, the biggest problem Blizzard pointed out is how Diablo 2: Resurrection Is made. Most of the game code, at least for some processes, is basically the same as the code when the original version was released 20 years ago. These legacy codes will affect game creation and joining, basic functions, read character data, update/read/filter game lists, verify server health, etc. Blizzard has reviewed and updated some bits and pieces to make them more compatible with modern technology, but it is basically the same as at the time.

Blizzard stated that these systems were basically good in the early 2000s, but players now behave very differently from then. In the original version of the game, the creation of a new game lobby for certain battles was not so prominent and put a lot of pressure on the system. All these new instances will block the server and prevent other services from passing through.

Fortunately, Blizzard has some plans to alleviate some of these problems. The first solution is to prevent players from creating too many new games in a short period of time. Blizzard calls this “rate limiting,” and it receives an error message stating that there was a “problem communicating with the game server.” Another solution Blizzard is trying is a more aggressive queuing system, which can slow down the player’s login speed, rather than a waterfall that may cause the entire game to crash.

Blizzard said that these solutions are not necessarily permanent, but mainly focus on preventing the game from completely crashing at any time in the near future. Instead, Blizzard’s more durable solution involves breaking down certain services into their own separate systems to help reduce the server load they create.

Of course, as with any complex problem, Blizzard’s solution may also take time. But for now, the developer’s goal seems to be to make the game as stable as possible in its large and still growing community.