Diablo 2: Resurrection just makes me want to run back to Diablo 3

When Diablo 2 came out of hell and entered my heart, I was only 14 years old. For a jagged teenage metal head, there is nothing better than walking through impenetrable dark dungeons, beheading demons, and watching things explode in massive amounts of loot and loot. This is unparalleled, I think. Sure enough, when Diablo 3 came out more than a decade later, it paled in comparison to its predecessor. too bright. so easy. Even in the deepest part of my obsession with D3, it is always the second best Diablo.

“Diablo 2: Resurrection” is on sale today. It has been carefully designed and has some mainly optional quality of life improvements, but this is still the same game I have been playing on the docking station all these years. At the moment Marius began to narrate in the opening animation, the hairs on the back of my neck did not stand up-it felt like they were trying to jump out of my skin. The first “greeting, stranger” in the thieves camp? I applaud like a drunk sea lion. From there, everything went downhill.

I don’t like Diablo 2 very much.

(Image source: Blizzard)

Now, I did not imagine that I used to like everything about this classic ARPG, and I didn’t have bad taste in my teenage years — at least not in RPG — but things have changed a lot in the past 20 years. year. My expectations have also changed. For some remakes, the attraction lies in the dead end of replay evolution or the absolute pinnacle of the genre-something unique. But Diablo 2 is far from unique. It turns out that all the new content and all the growth we encountered in “Torchlight”, “Terror of Dawn”, “Road of Exile” and “Diablo 3” are Make the 2000 classic feel a bit antique.

All the growth we encountered in “Torchlight,” “Dawn of Terror,” “Road of Exile,” and “Diablo 3” made the 2000 classic feel a bit like an antique.