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What is it? A remake of a twitch action role-playing game set in Hell’s Gate.
Estimated payment: 40 USD/35 GBP
Publisher: snowstorm
Comment time: Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1070, Intel Core i7-9700 CPU, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? 1-8 players are online.
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Diablo 2 moves at two different speeds. Either you go through large swaths of undead creatures unscrupulously, watching their bones shatter into dust, and drink the health potion with a free and decadent attitude, or you are tense and reluctant at every fork in the road, taking care of the red at the bottom In the left corner of the small puddle screen, I hope you won’t cause another frustrating death. Action role-playing games are a well-known number in 2021-games like Torchlight, Dawn of Terror, and Path of Exile optimize the genre to mirror shine-so I most appreciate the return of the Blizzard classic It’s the way it makes me afraid of the dark again, there is no friendly checkpoint to save me.

Diablo 2 came out in 2000, and Diablo 2: Resurrection dogmatically adheres to the original design, while superimposing new high-resolution graphics on top of the old graphics (you can switch between the old and the new look at will), and add new ones Technical function. You control a lone warrior—chosen from seven different classes—destined to wander in the arid Old Testament wasteland of Blizzard, complete tasks, loot treasure chests, and click tens of thousands of even-hoofed demons to death.

(Image source: Blizzard)

The real Diablo 2 grognards still exist after the credits roll to the maximum number of characters to the astonishing 99 level limit. This game has taken over the lives of countless people at the turn of the millennium, and it will still be able to dominate your era in 2021. With the right friends, you may find yourself running multiple dungeons over and over again, desperately digging into the corners of the loot table in the most remote places.

This is probably my favorite part of “Diablo 2: Resurrection”. The modern gaming industry often makes all the interesting parts of the game come with frustrating statistics. After we log in, we will be bombarded with limited-time store discounts, cruel cosmetics markets, and a series of different currencies and statistical levels squeezed on the home screen, which makes us stunned. But this remake is very proud to be a dinosaur, without currency transformation on the edge to bring it into the 21st century. We are here to kill the zombies and carefully compare the blue trident on the floor with the trident currently attached to our character list. No auction house economy or production matrix hindered. To be honest, this is totally revolutionary compared to the constant promotion of deriving fun from almost all other experiences available on real-time servers.

(Image source: Blizzard)

Every change in Resurrected is ingenious and subtle. You will no longer be forced to create sad, savage characters that only act as stock mules for power supplies. Player collections are shared in your account, and weapons are easily passed between your druids, necromancers and barbarians. Tired of scraping piles of gold coins from the corpse behind you? Diablo 2 adventurers now automatically absorb these, adding a weak idle game efficiency to the shelter. Have the decades since high school give you back pain? Lean on Grandpa and enjoy the resurrection with the gamepad.

Blizzard has modified most of its past catalogs to varying degrees (look at you, Warcraft 3: Recast), but the attention to detail in this new version of Diablo 2 exceeds other efforts. At any time, players can tap the “G” key to switch back to the original graphics and witness how to paint them with more detailed artwork and lighting effects. I am often surprised by my findings. Rotting water flows through Lut Gholein’s sewers, and I was surprised to find that they did not exist in the 2000 game. This is amazing when everything is not rendered at 800 x 600.

(Image source: Blizzard)

The update is not limited to the beautiful destruction of Sanctuary. I spent most of my time in Resurrected playing a strong Amazon named Arlene.She is currently wearing a steel battle suit, and I noticed that the earlier description of her kingship is more revealing. After the widespread allegations of sexism and harassment in the studio, Blizzard is currently in a series of legal conditions. In view of this situation, Blizzard will not be widely praised for de-objectifying an old hero. But this is a good gesture.