Diablo 2 Resurrection | Where to find the evil lair in the blood marsh

Diablo 2 The first task of Resurrected will not be messy, so you don’t need the second word to find “Evil nest‘.

However, although some people will slip into the game that is now more than 20 years old like old slippers, the antiquated style of Diablo 2 may make it difficult for you to figure out what you are looking for — especially if you don’t have it yet. Find your feet in Sanctuary in the early missions.

More importantly, the map and the location of the evil nest in “Diablo 2 Resurrection” are random between different players’ games and game sessions, so you can’t simply call up the map screen to indicate the correct direction.

However, you need to find the evil lair in “Diablo 2 Resurrection” here.

Where is the evil lair in Diablo 2’s resurrection?

In the first scene of Diablo 2’s resurrection, one place you can expect to remain relatively unchanged is Rogue Encampment.

From the thieves camp to the blood marsh, find the evil nest. The ground in front of you will be a muddy trail that you should follow.

After walking for a short distance, you should see a pile of stones and torches on the side of the road, and a hole in the ground-this is the entrance to the evil lair.

If you are struggling to find a location, search the entire Blood Marsh area. If you pass the Evil Nest, you will see a character fighting a demon on the edge of the area-which means you have gone too far.

Go back and fill in the empty areas of the Blood Marsh minimap, and you should eventually find the Den entrance.

After entering, you need to methodically walk through the monster lair and defeat all the descendants of hell you find. Your mission diary will tell you, once you get close enough to the target, how many demons are left, and where you completed it, return to Rogue Encampment.

Then, you can better understand where you are and continue your adventure. Next is to go to the cemetery to fight against the blood crows.

If you are still stuck, we also have pages for follow-up tasks, such as where to find the Cairn Stone and the location of the monastery barracks.

Or because it is still a very early game, why not take a look at how to choose the best starting character build for you in Diablo 2: Resurrection.

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