Diablo 2: The resurrected mod is already here

It is only a matter of time. The original Diablo 2 has twenty years of mod value, and there are many reasons to start patching Diablo 2: Resurrection in addition to its graphic overhaul and shared inventory.Modules that have begun to appear NexusMods with database It is undoubtedly just the beginning.

Difficulty adjustments, such as Enemy multiplier, Which allows you to double the number of monsters to 10 times, and Reduce resistance, It replaces elemental immunity of nightmare and hell difficulty with resistance. D2R drop module with Guaranteed drop module Both allow you to mess up the drop rate, the former increases the possibility of getting good loot from strong enemies, and the latter will only make every enemy fall. something. Melee splash damage Halves the damage of nearby enemies. Hidden helmet, Um, the helmet that hides you.