Diablo 4 has 5 explorable areas and over 150 dungeons

Blizzard Entertainment released a Diablo IV Seasonal Update Yesterday, several developers weighed in on what the upcoming open-world RPG will offer players. Recently-appointed game director Joe Shely said Diablo IV will be “an immersive world where you can walk around and have fun getting lost.” While environment art director Brian Fletcher and lead external environment artist Matt McDaid added Sanctuary With 5 explorable areas and 150+ dungeons (Game World/Mortal Realm) these words become even more important.

There’s a lot to do and see in Diablo IV. The dungeons players encounter are filled with dynamic weather, lighting effects, and props, making each adventure feel unique and personal. In terms of visual storytelling and direction, the team focused on two pillars, “Old Masters” and “Back to Darkness.” Art Director Chris Ryder said it best:

“We created the environments of Diablo IV with a darker and more solid interpretation than the previous installments. Considering the techniques used by classical painters like Rembrandt, and their control over the use of detail, tonal range and palette Expert use. The “Back to Darkness” pillar is the thread that runs through everything from dungeons to lighting, embodying the idea that Sanctuary is a dangerous and dark medieval Gothic world.

Additional insights from other Blizzard creators, so click the link above to read the exhaustive quarterly update. Dan Tack played a demo of Dially IV back in 2019 and summed up his impressions by saying:

“A lot has been said about the grim aesthetic of Diablo IV, but seeing and playing in it is different. Blood and corpses everywhere, a world without much hope, absurd Darkness – After Diablo 3, it was really a stark contrast. Traveling through the world trying to find as many cool things as possible before the demo time ran out, I managed to clear two available dungeons before the end. …..The quest to slaughter monsters is as satisfying as ever, a loop “I’m sure it would have made more sense to me outside of a demo without upgrades and customizations. While Diablo IV is certainly still a long way off, the demo is a great showcase for where the game is headed. ”

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