Diablo Immortal Preview – Diablo Immortal PC First Look – Gameplay + Interview

Four years ago, Blizzard Entertainment revealed Diablo Immortal in 2018, and when it was announced, it was said to be a mobile-only game for iOS and Android devices. This has been going on for quite some time, but in the recent beta, the team began to realize that if it really wanted to embrace the spirit of bringing the Diablo experience to more players than ever before, Diablo God Immortal also needs to come to PC. Now, Blizzard has announced that it is, and the team has also revealed an official release date. More specifically, it’s coming to iOS and Android on June 2, the same day the game will go into public beta on PC.

For now, don’t worry – even though it’s an open beta, the entire Diablo Immortal experience will be live on PC. The team is just looking for feedback and suggestions on this version of the game. game informer Sit down with Diablo game director Wyatt Cheng and Diablo series lead Rod Ferguson to learn about this and more about today’s exciting news. You can listen to the entire interview in the latest issue of Today’s New Game, featuring over 20 minutes of new Diablo clips, including video captures from the mobile game, the PC game, and a few minutes of both. , running side-side.

If you’re excited about Diablo Immortal, hopefully this new look with never-before-seen gameplay will get you through until the game’s release, which hits iOS and Android devices on June 2 As well as the PC beta on the same day.

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