DICE accidentally creates Battlefield 2042 portal bot XP farm

We are only a few weeks away from the new year, and Battlefield 2042 Developers have found themselves in a bind.

This week, DICE is expected to return to the office after the holidays, bringing us a small new patch and promising larger changes and a new scoreboard design in February as part of a larger patch. Portal developer Ripple Effect has also introduced a new tiered XP cap system for community-created experiences in an attempt to bring back XP revenue on these servers, rather than making it possible for someone to create an XP farming mode.

The changes weren’t particularly popular, but players certainly didn’t expect the official Portal experience to make its way to the robot farm game as well. In addition to the new portal rules, Ripple Effects has refreshed the official experience list, introducing a new zombie survival mode.

The setup for this experience is rudimentary; players must fend off waves of AI-controlled soldiers wielding knives. With each subsequent wave, the enemy becomes more and more difficult. Unfortunately, with the official Portal experience allowing unlimited access to full XP earnings and ribbon unlocks, Zombies has quickly become an easy XP farming tool for players looking to level up, unlock attachments, or progress through mastery levels.

Battlefield 2042 subreddit took a moment scold developers, show off How easy the new mode makes XP farming. Some even started posting about safest place to camp where zombies can’t reach you, and Best time to quit/die for maximum farming efficiency.

Ironically, the developers didn’t forget this on the same day that the new XP restrictions arrived, but it seems like an unforced error.

Ripple Effect senior design director Justin Wiebe apologized to fans on Twitter.

“I’m not going to lie, this one shouldn’t go through our review process,” Wiebe tweet“I think our desire to create an interesting zombie mode prevented us from seeing such a simple thing as its impact on progression. I’m very sorry for the difficulty this has caused.”

Zombies mode will likely be removed soon, assuming some fixes can be made to stop it from becoming the hottest XP farm spot in Battlefield 2042.