DICE disables proximity sensors to repair Battlefield 2042 rubber bands and damage other projectiles

DICE may be on the right track to find the cause of one of the most annoying problems Battlefield 2042 So far: Intermittent rubber bands in multiplayer matches.

Yesterday, the developers disabled the proximity sensor to throw objects, believing that it is related to the rubber band problem commonly encountered by players since the beginning of Early Access. DICE later conducted some tests and found that removing the sensor helped improve server performance, so it decided to disable it when performing more tests.

The proximity sensor is still disabled, but DICE did manage to deploy a server-side fix and said it has further improved server performance. The problem is that in the process of all this, it breaks other parabolic objects.

When selecting throwable objects (grenades, etc.) through the deployment screen, the UI displays incorrect icons. This makes the player believe that they cannot choose the throwable they want, but this is just a visual error. DICE confirms that no matter what the UI displays, the projectile you choose will be the projectile you spawned.

Although it is great to see DICE act quickly to solve such a common problem, this is not the first time UI has lied to us. Players recently discovered that the weapon customization screen is misleading, and the attached description does not match what they actually did.

For a list of all other Battlefield 2042 known issues on the DICE radar, please check the link.