DICE is fixing the weapon flooding issue in Battlefield 2042 and will weaken the hovercraft in tomorrow’s patch

Since the first time Battlefield 2042In the unstable release, DICE has written a letter to players reviewing what it did in the early days and providing a more specific plan to explain our expectations in terms of repair and return features in the next few weeks.

this Blog post It takes a long time to read, but we decided to break down the most relevant parts into separate stories to make it easier to digest. The big news is that the second patch of Battlefield 2042 is expected to be released tomorrow, November 25. Although the complete change log will not be released until later today, we have a good idea for some of the fixes it brings.

The most interesting patch notes involve the game’s crimes, random bullet deviations and weapon spread. When zooming in (ADS) and moving, DICE is reducing this for all weapons. The patch also improves the accuracy of fixed shooting and reduces the spread of clicks and bursts when shooting at a pace.

Finally, in terms of gun battles, the PP-29 SMG has increased vertical recoil, so it is not the only weapon worth using. This should reduce its effectiveness in a longer range.

Tomorrow’s update also has quite a few gameplay fixes, the most notable of which is to solve a bug that prevents players from resurrecting when they are close to certain objects/walls or geometry. Regarding rebirth, DICE is implementing a rebirth protection system to eliminate the situation that players cannot be reborn when they fall down. Under these conditions, it will now respawn on cooldown.

The threats of LCAA hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird are also coming to an end. The armor of the hovercraft is getting lighter and lighter, the artillery is getting weaker and weaker, and the splash damage of Nightbird’s machine gun should no longer be huge. Bad Company 2 UAV-1 is back, and now it has been rebalanced.

These are all good fixes, and they won’t be the last in the game before the end of the year.