DICE vs. Battlefield 2042 Portal XP Earning Problem Solution: A Confusing Multilayer System

DICE holidays are back, and one of the top items on the agenda is tackling XP revenue Battlefield 2042portal mode.

Soon after the release of Battlefield 2042, a few people quickly started creating XP farm servers in the community-driven Portal experience. DICE figured it out quickly and decided to disable XP earning in Portal mode, except for the official mode made by the developers themselves or a few approved modes.

This has been a short-term fix, but it ended up driving many players away from the portal. Today, the game developer revealed measures to address these issues. First, all of the changes listed below will roll out tomorrow, January 20th, along with Patch 3.2.

The XP cap per minute in portals has been increased to 300, which should be enough to reward players without brushing XP easily.

Mastery and weekly quests can now be played in portals, but not in all situations. To help you understand these limitations, the developers created this chart that is not at all confusing. It shows that Battlefield Portal divides the experience into three different levels: full, medium, and limited.

full There are no restrictions and works just like the rest of Battlefield 2042. These will be limited to the Featured Portal experience.The next step is ease – New 300 XP per minute cap – allows you to complete weekly missions and earn up to MR12 Mastery XP. At last, Restricted Will only earn you up to 300XP per minute, and that’s it.

Medium servers are those that use existing modifiers, except for damage and HP, not the rule editor or AI. If your game mode uses editors, has AI enemies, or has adjusted HP/damage values, it will be considered restricted under the new category.

Unfortunately, weapon and vehicle attachment unlocks are still exclusive to the Portal Feature Experience (complete).

Of course, if it’s not clearly stated which servers have which XP limits, this will add to the confusion for players. Portal developer Ripple Effect is well aware of this fact and is working on some UI updates to make it easier to identify the type of throttling per server. However, the studio didn’t say when we can expect these UI changes to arrive.