Dig Hob’s Cart Review

What’s so special about Thomasina Bateman? Did she wear a special amulet? Did an alien embryo shoot into her brain? She doesn’t have recurring nightmares, at least not at the start of the game. Maybe she’s a… no, let’s not go there, even though she’s definitely not a cop either. Whatever it was, it took her to a village in the north of England that, on the surface, looked normal, with residents doing their thing and nothing more than a happy “hi up”.

need to know

what is it? Unique British Folk Horror Spot “n” Clicks
Expected payment: £20/$20 (guess, please check before posting)
Developer: cloak and dagger game
Publisher: Eye of Waja
Comment on: Threadripper 2950x, 64GB RAM, RTX 3080
multiplayer game? Do not
Association: steam (opens in new tab)

Of course more than that, otherwise Thomasina wouldn’t be here. She’s an outspoken modern Victorian woman scraping by as an antique dealer, summoned to the village of Bewlay by an elusive man who is the driving force behind the digging of a certain wheelbarrow. What secret did she discover?