Digimon game producers are working on a port, remake or remake of the Digimon world

Kazumasu Habu, the producer behind the Digimon game, said in a Q&A session at Digimon Con 2022 that he’s carefully considering reintroducing the Digimon universe in a port, remake, or even a full-scale remake. Mr. Habu reiterated that he and the team have received many requests from fans around the world for ports or remakes of the classic Digimon world. Because of that, the team is thinking very carefully about what to do with it, he said. Here’s what Mr. Habu said at the event:

“We’ve received many requests for porting or remaking the original Digimon world. “I’m actively considering it. But at the same time, I’m also considering which option – port, remake or remake – is better. “

“If I choose to port/remake, then I think it will be very doable. If you want a remake, we need to think about how many extra elements you need to put into the game. Digimon World at File Island – Stage – — and the Digimon that came out was a good balance. If we add a new area – like Folder Continent – or a new Digimon, then I think we should treat it as a new product rather than a remake .

“I would appreciate it if you could continue to share your opinion with me. Please give us your opinion in the comments section or elsewhere. We would love to hear from you.”

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