Digimon Survival is now rated by ESRB

Digimon Survive was announced a long time ago, but unfortunately it suffered multiple delays. The last delay was in October, when the developers of Bandai Namco told us that the game had been postponed to 2022. Today, we learned that “Digimon Survival” has been rated as a teenager by the Entertainment Software Rating Committee.

Rating summary:

This is a visual novel with strategy/role-playing game elements in which players follow Japanese teenagers and get lost in the monster world. As players follow the storyline, they will regularly use Digimon (monsters with special abilities/abilities) for turn-based battles. When humans and Digimon characters move on the grid-like battlefield, players select attack actions/skills from the menu and watch short animations of monsters performing actions. Attacks can include kicks, bites, energy explosions, and elemental explosions. A cutscene briefly depicts a still image of a blood-stained corpse. In various attacking moves, the Digimon can throw poo. It is depicted as a cartoon poo coil thrown at the opponent, accompanied by a soft sound effect. Words such as “sh*t”, “b*tch” and “p*ssed” appear in the dialogue.