Digital Foundry detects Metroid Dread

The team of technology enthusiast Digital Foundry studied in detail the newly released Metroid Dread, which was launched today for the Nintendo Switch system and was developed by the talented team of MercurySteam. Like us, Digital Foundry is very impressed with this game. It is 900p when docked and 720p in handheld mode. Metroid Dread also runs fairly steadily at 60fps, but the cutscenes of the game run at 30fps. Here are some selected quotes provided by the Digital Foundry team for those interested in technology.

“Once you enter the game, the first thing you will notice is that it looks much clearer than the typical Switch version. In dock mode, the game provides a resolution of 1600×900-the game does not use anti-aliasing, but this It’s good for it. Thanks to its side-scrolling design, you can never see far enough to experience the noticeable flash, so it looks clearer. However, in portable mode, the game runs at native 720p on the internal screen will be better.”

“Over the years, we have seen a lot of so-called 2.5D games-the results are not always great-but the development team here absolutely did it. This is one of the best side-scrolling 3D games I have seen so far. One, this is entirely attributable to the combination of art and technology.”

“Metroid Dread hits the target [60fps] Almost at all times, it is so stable that rendering feels effortless. Considering the resolution target and running hardware, this is an impressive optimization engine. That said, in some cases, I noticed occasional slowdowns, which is most likely due to background streaming, but it is worth noting. In addition, the cutscenes are reduced to 30fps. The entire performance profile also applies to portable mode, which basically runs like docked mode, albeit with a resolution of 720p. “