Digital Foundry examines Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

The video game tech-focused team at Digital Foundry has the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes as their latest project, and they’re happy to report that the game runs better than Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, I know a number of people have problems. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hope feels smoother, something Austin mentioned in our review, and makes for a better experience overall. The full tech performance isn’t revolutionary, as it’s clearly based on 2017 hardware, but it’s sure to guarantee you a lot of fun. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three wants to have dynamic resolutions, around 810p and around 540p in handheld mode, and the game runs as a result, sometimes hitting over 30fps, although Digital Foundry says it’s better to lock 30fps for consistency across the board are some Ideas from Digital Foundry:

“Three hopes are more significant and more stable [than Age of Calamity] And runs above 30fps, which is achieved with a similar 810p dynamic resolution dock (and ~540p portable), but with relatively weak antialiasing and texture filtering. Texture filtering isn’t ideal, as wide spaces with flat surfaces predominate, and anti-aliasing isn’t ideal given the anime-style visuals. For example, thin black lines around characters would really benefit from TAA. However, the higher frame rate does make the game feel more playable and last better even during the various special attacks that slow performance in Age of Calamity. This is true in both docked and portable modes, which in turn means that the dynamic resolution is usually higher as well. “

“The 30fps cap will make the game feel smoother, but at least if we have a Switch successor that can run the same game with improved performance, Three Hopes would be a good option to hit a solid 60fps.”

“The technical state of these games is – this studio has made so many games over the years and their work has definitely improved in some areas, but the technology feels like it needs an overhaul. Performance, rendering quality and animation work can all be Use improvements.”