Digital Foundry focuses on Shin Megami Tensei V

The latest game researched by Digital Foundry’s technology-focused team is the recently released Shin Megami Tensei V. Although it turns out that the core game itself is very popular with critics, the performance of the game is sometimes not as good as other Unreal Engine 4 games running on the Nintendo Switch platform. Below is a summary of the latest Digital Foundry video from Reset Era member ILikeFeet.

  • Lighting and shadows are one step higher than Persona 5
  • Baking Global Illumination
  • No TAA or environmental occlusion
  • Motion blur of the camera and each object, although artifacts due to resolution
  • Great bokeh
  • Object and shadow cascade drawing is very obvious
  • NPC animation is at half rate at close range
  • Intermittent menu transition
  • Dynamic resolution 1280×720-1536×864 (usually 792p)
  • Handheld 960×540 – 1280×720 (typically 648p)
  • The lack of AA makes the docking mode look clear
  • Hand-held better
  • Target 30fps, most of the time at 27-29
  • I feel that its goal is a lower frame rate
  • Possible CPU bottleneck
  • Due to the switch’s low bandwidth, cutscenes in the mid-1920s
  • This is not a UE4 switch problem, because there are better UE4 games on switch

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