Digital Foundry: Grand Theft Auto 3 on Switch runs at approximately 648p docking and 480p handheld

Talent team focused on technology Game Channel Digital Foundry I carefully studied the recently released Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-a game in the final version of Nintendo Switch. The game they saw was the iconic Grand Theft Auto 3, which was originally launched on the highly successful PlayStation 2 console. The team said that when playing games on the Switch in docking mode and about 480p handheld devices, the remade game ran at a very disappointing 648p. The upper limit of the frame rate is 30fps, but there will be a significant drop when the action is unfolded.This is an round up Their findings:

  • The change of artistic direction compared with the original
  • It rains and doesn’t work hard
  • The updated car model is a plus, but the aspect of rendering the car is closed
  • Different character models
  • Differences in environment rendering
  • Use the original city model, replace textures and add objects in appropriate places at the same time, but there are problems such as texture alignment
  • The AI ​​upgrade used may cause problems such as texture typos
  • The resolution is about 648p when GTA III Switch is docked
  • Approximately 480p in portable mode
  • No environmental occlusion on Switch
  • Some more advanced effects are missing, such as reflections
  • The switch version is vague and lacks details
  • The maximum frame rate of GTA III Switch is 30 FPS
  • Like other platforms, there are frame pacing issues
  • Frame rate drops a lot
  • Slightly poor performance in portable mode
  • Reduced traffic density and drawing distance on Switch
  • There are shadow maps, and some dynamic shadows from the headlights
  • The game has a variety of bugs

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