Director Fatal Frame considers remaking other games in the series

Makoto Shibata, the director behind the long-running deadly frame game, was recently interviewed by the German website JPgamesThe first game in the Fatal Frame series debuted on PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox in 2001. Koei Tecmo recently released an enhanced version of the Wii U Fatal Frame game Fatal Frame: Black Water to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Horror series. In the interview, Mr. Shibata was asked if Koei Tecmo has plans to remake any old games in the Alga Horror series. He replied that although they have no specific plans at the moment, the team’s response to the re-production announced that it exceeded The team’s expectations. So now Mr. Shibata is considering viewing Fatal Frame’s backup catalog and possibly re-creating the first few games in the series.

“Since this game is prepared for the 20th anniversary of the series, we currently do not have any plans to develop any other remakes, but the responses we received from everyone exceeded our expectations, so I want to think about moving forward. .”

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