Director of Lamb threw Noomi Rapace into a live sheep on day 1 to be born

As one might expect from the title, this creepy new show mutton discover many Lambs and sheep occupy a central position.

Ida is a mysterious half-sheep and half-human child adopted by farmers Maria (played by Laomirapace) and Ingvar (played by Hilmill Snell Goodnason). But the pair of farmers take care of a large herd of sheep, and the movie begins in the spring, just when their sheep is giving birth. Even before Ada’s miraculous birth, Maria and Ingvar sent two other sheep to the world. The process was very stressful. The two farmers reached into the depths of the mother sheep to help bring the little lamb out.

It turns out that no special effects are used to make it easier for actors assisting in the delivery of animals. The childbirth scene is real and is the first scene shot for the movie. The actors immediately got their hands dirty.

“This is Noomi’s first day, and she has never done this before,” explains director Valdimar J√≥hannsson. “She came just the day before we started filming.”

Picture: A24

this mutton Due to the natural order, the crew is under pressure to film the birth sequence. When the production started, only 10 pregnant sheep in the flock on the screen had yet to give birth.

“That is our only chance,” Johansson said. “[Noomi] Only saw the farmer twice… and then she waited. When we saw it was happening, we called her. “

Photographing the birth of a sheep is not as easy as it sounds-and it does not sound easy. In addition to the actor sticking his fist into the depth of the animal to pull the baby out, the filmmaker must also plan to shoot the sheep to decide when and where to give birth. Childbirth is difficult. As Johnson said, they want the sheep to “feel good”, so they need to rotate the camera to where the sheep is, and vice versa. As a person who often gets along with sheep, this is especially important for Johansson.

“My grandparents, they were shepherds. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time there, so I was very used to working with sheep,” he said. “I am also used to animals. We have good people around us-some farmers and animal keepers. I think it will be more difficult.”

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