Director Tsushima’s Ghost has updated the status of the movie

It may take a while to learn more about the film adaptation of “Soul of Tsushima” currently in production.

That’s because director Chad Stahelski told us that he may be known for directing all three John Wick films (and the forthcoming fourth film). IGN In a new interview, the team behind it hopes to do the right thing through the game. To this end, the team is seizing the time.

“We just want to get things right,” Stahlsky said. “You know how the video game adaptation is progressing. So we are taking the time to do the right thing. We are working closely with game developers to make sure we stick to its strengths.”

IGN Note that Stahlsky said that it is still developing a script for the film. He also said that fans of “Soul of the Horse” are “very satisfied with what we are doing” and pointed out that he has played it “many times”, which is what attracted him to the project in the first place.

When asked if Hitoshi Sakai’s English voice actor Tsuji Daisuke would replay his role in the film, Stahlsky said, “We’ll wait and see,” and they “have not gone that far.” There is only time. Will prove everything.

Now, please read the original announcement of the movie “The Ghost of Tsushima”, and then read how Tsuje really wanted to participate in the movie-he even said that he completely agreed to appear nude in it.Read our thoughts on games Game informant A review of the Soul of Tsushima afterwards.

[Source: IGN]

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