Director Valorant leaves game development

Joe Ziegler, Game Director, Riot Games Appraisal, Yes continue Work from games to new things.In an article about Riot Games WebsiteZiegler announced his move after working for the popular competitive shooting game for eight years, one of which was after the official release.

In the post, he thanked fans and colleagues when passing the baton to his successor:

“After working for “Valorant” for eight years, it was built from scratch by a group of dedicated and passionate developers who worked tirelessly to serve everyone with due respect and admiration. I am giving up my role as a game director to Valorant tac-shooter by my good friend Andy Ho [senior director of game direction at Riot]. “

No one can guess where Ziegler is going next, although it will still be in Riot. As we know, Riot has a lot of irons, many of which we don’t know yet. But anyway, for a game that has been popular since its official release a year ago, the leadership change is an interesting development. What this means for the game is anyone’s guess.

Riot has often appeared in the news recently, especially after resolving sex discrimination lawsuits filed against it. Despite this, its games are still very popular, and even its entry into the animation field has received positive reviews. Riot now seems to be an upswing company.

Valorant is now available for PC.