Discord has changed logos, fonts, colors-and many want an old look back

Discord has a new logo and a new split font.

So discord The makers of popular chat apps have decided to tweak the game as well as its identity. This has emerged in two main ways: a slight change in the logo and a new font.

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Discord shared an updated look On twitter On Thursday, at a mixed reception from followers. There are few changes to the logo, only the top of the icon is solidified and combined with the main face. The main surface has a square shape. Clyde – it’s the name of the logo – no longer lives in a rounded rectangle.

discord Description The new icon design arrived after a few iterations. The new Clyde can also be emmoted and will change face each time you launch the app.

The background has also become a bolder purple. However, the biggest and most disruptive change is the font. According to Discord, the new fonts are custom built based on Ginto.

One of the first replies to this tweet mocked the design and suggested that it was the work of an amateur artist. This has recently become a general criticism of many things, including: Disney + Upcoming Loki Show Logo..

The Discord Reddit page is full of memes and posts that mock every aspect of the design. In fact, that’s all the community has been talking about since then.

The most interesting thing I’ve seen is comparing the old logo to Steve Rogers’ Captain America and the new logo to John Walker.

Older colors also have fans.

Of course, the change in identity of something as popular as Discord has been hit by at least some resistance, especially when it comes to the aspects of the community that surrounds it. I personally don’t mind the logo and color, but this font is …