Discord is officially testing the correct YouTube integration

Discord The official YouTube integration will be tested soon YouTube Forced the company to remove two music robots from the service.

Just a few weeks ago, Google’s YouTube forced the two most famous (and most commonly used) Discord music bots to stop running in Discord. Both Rhythm and Groovy were the victims of the suspension order issued by this large company, which greatly angered the 30 million users who used the robot service.

In order to bring some music/YouTube features back to Discord, Google seems to be officially establishing a partnership with the company. In the past 24 hours, YouTube integration has begun to appear on a handful of Discord servers through a new feature called “Watch Together”.

As the name suggests, the newly introduced experimental feature allows Discord members to watch YouTube videos together. Basically, its role is similar to someone broadcasting their screen in an application. There is a toggle switch that allows you to let others also control the playback of the video being played, making collaborative viewing easier and more direct.

Of course, YouTube may profit from it: Discord points out that “you may see ads in YouTube videos”, so don’t expect there to be no ads here.

according to edge, The feature is “today only available to Discord friends and home servers”, and then “broader beta” will be provided to small servers before “broader availability”.

Earlier this year, Discord concluded its acquisition negotiations with Microsoft and announced that it would remain independent.