Disgaea 6 brings more colorful turn-based tactics to PC this summer

The Disgaea series is definitely an acquired taste, but if you love turn-based tactics and anime these games are basically essential. Even if, like me, the extreme whimsy and goofy jokes aren’t your cup of tea, it’s reasonably easy to ignore those elements and just enjoy the hundreds of hours of strategic combat. For those who have managed to complete all existing Disgaea games somehow, and are still hungry for more, here’s good news: Disgaea 6 hits PC “this summer” (winter on the other side of the world).

Disgaea 6 released exclusively for Nintendo Switch and PS4 in June 2021, and is the first to boast fully 3D graphics, but don’t worry: it’s still an isometric affair. Disgaea games have never been lacking when it comes to options, build varieties and more, but this sixth installment naturally adds more. For example, there’s a new Demonic Intelligence feature that allows extremely detailed customization when it comes to a character’s auto battle behavior, which should help with power levelling because, oh, the level cap is 99,999. This game has contentrest assured, with a whole new management layer added to the usual grid-based skirmishes.