Disney teases new Star Wars game revealed

Disney kick off a new one Star wars A product display event that includes a variety of products and media. is called”Take the bounty home“It consists of twelve weeks of displays that last until the end of the year, the first of which is a series of action figures and costumes. Each week’s reveal implies some kind of icon. Some are characters from the Star Wars universe, while others It is a more abstract concept, such as the 50th anniversary logo of Lucasfilm, or a pair of lightsabers.

The most interesting thing is the 10th week, which is represented by game controllers, hinting that a game announcement is about to be released. However, no other information is provided about what the game is. We already know the remake of the Knights of the Old Republic for PC and PS5, as well as the original game port for Switch. The old republic is undergoing new expansion. Other than that, there are only rumors and almost no announcement of upcoming game threads.

There are many things to collect from there. We know that Ubisoft’s open world game is set in Star Wars, and then there are rumors that David Cage directed a Star Wars game. Or it could be a sequel to “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.” We did not see it on EA Play, but we may see it here. Then something completely unexpected may happen. There is a lot to speculate.

In any case, we will find out what Disney has prepared for us in the week of December 14.