DLSS Misses Your Goal in Warzone-Report

Sheriff Sayed
May 19, 2021 13:11 GMT

DLSS is reportedly missing out on your aim in Warzone.

DLSS has just arrived Call of Duty: War Zone.. It works like any other place. It provides the player with a higher frame rate with almost the same image quality as the native resolution.

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Like any other game, Warzone’s implementation of DLSS allows players to choose from a variety of quality presets. These presets are designed to accommodate a variety of PC specifications and resolution / frame rate targets.However, as a new report from YouTuber, we recommend sticking to native resolution JGOD Indicates that DLSS causes the bullet to deviate slightly from where it should be.

In the video above, JGOD demonstrates this with different weapons and different optics (long and medium range). The process is simple. JGOD is performed to aim at the target and see if the bullet hits where the center of the reticle points.

This experiment shows that DLSS causes a slight misalignment because the bullet lands on the right side of where it should be. This mainly starts with a balanced quality of DLSS, and the higher the quality, the stranger it gets worse. This effect is even more pronounced at DLSS’s highest setting, Quality.

The effect may seem minimal, but it can be more pronounced as you move away from the target. In the war zone, players often need to keep in mind the fall of bullets to compensate for attacking moving targets. If you think the shot is accurate, this slight deviation can ruin the shot.

For those who missed it, tomorrow will be a special event in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War that will bring Ramboskin and Nakatomi Plaza to the game. The event will add new sights to Verdansk as well as looks, with the theme of action movies from the 80’s.

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