DNF decisive battle will be released in summer

During the initial public beta, DNF Duel received another trailer showing its 11th confirmed character and announced the scheduled release window for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC in the summer of 2022.

Ghostblade will join the cast when the game is released next year, making him the second male killer profession to be included in Dungeon Fighter Online. He wielded a katana as a weapon, but more importantly, a spooky ghost lived on his arm, making the appendages emit a spectral blue light. The trailer shows Ghostblade’s introductory movie and a tease of what his awakening attack can do. Here is a hint: it involves a ghost and a blade, and it looks great.

Sharp-eyed fans who watched the trailer premiere during the DNF Winter Festival yesterday found some new roster members in the new footage, but these new footage did not appear in the official trailer. One photo showed Ghostblade attacking an unannounced mechanic, while another photo made people think they saw a variant of the troubleshooting agent, although that one was more speculative. Either way, considering the diversity and fun of the other actors, I am very happy to see how they would play if they were added.

Although the trailer above does not have that shot attached, you can view the image on it The story of the event centerBut no matter how you watch the video, you will see some cool characters make clever moves, and every time we can touch DNF Duel again, it will be hyped.

Do you have a chance to try DNF Duel this weekend? What are your thoughts on this game so far? What other dungeon warrior online courses do you want to see come to the duel? Let us know in the comments!